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Our ensemble is unique.

There is little to no music written for our particular combination of instruments - so, we make our own or ask others to! Our music repsonds to the timbres and sonoriteis of our ensmeble, as well as engaging with environments and communities. From re-imaging half forgotten folk tunes; arranging piano scores; to composing our own music, Breakfast Club is a celebration of music from across the centuries and the globe.

Live recording, Daylight Music London

I Know You by Rhia Parker (1987 - )

Live Recordings, St Mary’s Church London

Only (solo voice) by Morton Feldman (1926 - 1927)
This is our arrangment for voice, flutes and cello

An arrangement of a West African Mandinka folk tune, originally heard as a field recording of Alhaji Bai Konte (kora and voice) and re-imagined here.

Salterello - Anon
A medieval dance tune from Italy.


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